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Touristic information

Near Rozenhof you can enjoy hiking and cycling through the forest. Hotel Rozenhof is located 4 km from the Centre of Nijmegen.
* Our hotel is located in the proximity tennisparks and a golf course. 
* In the Thermen sauna centre you can relax.
* You can go shopping in Nijmegen, visit the town with its many monuments, such as the Town Hall, the Waag, the Stevens Church and the Valkhof park with the Belvédère. The Concertgebouw The Vereeniging, the City Theatre, the Holland Casino.
* A day along the Waal-boulevard in Nijmegen, followed by a bus ride through the nature reserve of the Ooypolder to Millingen. There is the split of the Rhine and the Waal.
* There are several city parks with historic monuments. The Hunerpark, de Goffert, the kronenburgerpark.
* In Nijmegen the grandmothers-kitchen Museum and the bicycle museum Velorama. As well as a visit to the brewery "the Hemel" in Nijmegen. 
* There are many cycle routes.
* Visit the village centre of groesbeek with its charming shops and the liberation museum.
* A short distance away is the German town Kleve with many shop with a nice inviting centre. A visit to the city-and animal park should not be missed. 

International four days marches Nijmegen

 The international four days marches festivities Nijmegen